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Arizona Hearing & Balance Center

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Hours of Operation

Our regular office hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Please make appointments and/or request information during these hours.

  • Why Hearing Aids from Arizona Hearing and Balance Center?

Why Hearing Aids from Arizona Hearing and Balance Center?

Why Hearing Aids from Arizona Hearing and Balance Center?

  1. Consumer Report
    Consumer report magazine notes that patients are most satisfied and perform best when they purchase their hearing aids from a physician’s office.
  2. Quality
    We only work with the most reputable brands with warranties and no proprietary software. Some centers offer inferior products with similar prices so their profit margin is higher. Proprietary software requires that you return the device to their center for servicing and programming, similar to requiring that your car be serviced only at the dealer.
  3. Skill of Audiology
    Doctoral level audiologists treat our patients: All of the audiologists earned a clinical doctorate in audiology. In Arizona, you can get a dispensing license with a high school diploma and passing a one day examination. An audiologist best understands the diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss.
  4. Up Front Pricing
    Pricing: A common misconception is that hearing aids from a physician’s office are expensive. Our hearing aids are considerably cheaper than independent offices and big box retailers. Some retailers are reluctant to write down the price and model of the product. We have a price list and are always happy to provide you with a product brochure with a written price. All of our hearing aids include a three year battery supply and a three year warranty.
  5. No Commission
    Commission on Hearing Aid Sales: Almost all hearing aid dispensers and most audiologists earn commissions by selling hearing aids. Our audiologists are not commissioned and will only recommend you a hearing aid if it is necessary, and only the most appropriate hearing aid for your needs and budget will be recommended.
  6. Medical Support
    Most hearing aid dealers will send you to your primary care doctor or to an ENT doctor because you have wax impaction or an infection in your ear canal, which is inconvenient and time consuming. We provide medical support on site, often the same day, for all hearing aid patients.
  7. One Roof
    One Roof: we are able to provide medical, surgical, and rehabilitation services under one roof. If your hearing loss can be corrected with a surgical procedure, we will discuss that with you and not sell you a hearing aid. If a surgically implantable hearing aid is best, we will recommend that device. Because we offer a variety of options, we can best meet your needs. If you develop an ear infection or wax impaction, we can treat it immediately, rather than being sent elsewhere. If your hearing deteriorates, you will have a consultation with Dr. Fucci to determine if it can be corrected. If it is severe and not correctable, we can discuss cochlear implants or other options. With all of this and more, we are proud to offer convenience combined with the best care possible.
  8. Return policy/Trial period
    All of our hearing aids come with a thirty day trial period, which means you can return the hearing aid within that trial period and get your money back. There may be a small service fee for the mold and other services.
  9. Medical Clearance
    The state of Arizona has criteria that require medical clearance from a physician before dispensing a hearing aid which were developed so that serious medical conditions that have hearing loss are not ignored or masked by a hearing aid. Most retail hearing aid dealers ignore the recommendation and instead have you sign a medical waiver where you agree to buy the hearing aid without seeing a physician, which could result in missing an underlying medical condition.
  10. Insurance
    As a medical practice that is contracted with most insurers, we are very familiar with the complexities of medical insurance and will always call your insurance company to determine if you have hearing aid benefits. Some retail dealers tell patients they have no benefits for hearing aids, and it is often not because it is not available to them, but because the dealer is not contracted with insurances. Many insurance companies will not contract with hearing aid dispensers or audiologists. Because we are contracted, services are often covered at a discounted rate.
  11. Expertise
    Hearing loss is our line of business and expertise, and our staff is expertly trained to know what is best for your hearing needs.
  12. Comparison Shopping
    It is very difficult to comparison shop for hearing aids, and consumers and patients do not know what is in that case or whether it is better than a competitor’s. These are complex technical devices. You cannot look up the invoice price, reliability data, or satisfaction scores. At some point, you must trust the office. We have been in practice for over 14 years and all hearing aids have at least a 30 day no questions asked trial period.
  13. Surgery options
    If your hearing loss is correctable with a surgical procedure, you may not want to purchase hearing aids. In any case, you need to be informed of your options. Some hearing aid dispensers will merely sell you a hearing aid rather than sending you to a surgeon. Some hearing losses are so severe that even the best hearing aids will be inadequate. We have surgical options to resolve this loss. Some simple operations can improve hearing loss and alleviate the need for hearing aids.