Office address, phone and fax:

Arizona Hearing & Balance Center

225 S. Dobson Road

Chandler, Arizona 85224

Phone: 480-558-5306

Fax : 480-558-5307

Hours of Operation

Our regular office hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Please make appointments and/or request information during these hours.

  • Welcome to Arizona Hearing and Balance Center!

Welcome to Arizona Hearing and Balance Center!

Welcome to Arizona Hearing and Balance Center!  We are so happy to help you in your hearing healthcare journey regardless of what step in the process you are in.  We offer many unique services and have enthusiastic trained professionals to help you with a number of problems you may be experiencing.  Let’s take a look at some of the benefits our center had to offer!

1.       Neurotology Specialization:  Dr. Michael Fucci is a neurotologist who specializes in diseases of the ear.  These issues include: cholesteatoma, otosclerosis, acoustic neuroma, cochlear implant, tympanoplasy, pressure equalization tubes, conductive hearing loss, mixed hearing loss, and sensorineural hearing loss.

2.       Three trained Audiologists:  At Arizona Hearing and Balance we are able to diagnose and treat all forms of hearing loss.  From newborn hearing screening to presbycusis we are able to diagnose patient with hearing loss across all stages of life.  In addition to diagnosis hearing loss all three audiologists are trained to work with cochlear implants, bone anchored hearing aids, and traditional hearing aids.  We are able to confirm hearing aid setting using Real Ear Measurements which is recommended as the standard of care by the American Academy of Audiology.  We are happy to help patients find the technology that is right to them but we also can help patient who have already purchased technology.  Our Audiologists maintain close relationships with manufacturers throughout the Valley and are happy to work with you!  We work with the following manufacturers on a daily basis:

  •          Phonak
  •          Oticon
  •          GNResound
  •          Signia
  •          Advance Bionics
  •          Cochlear Americas
  •          Med EL
  •          Oticon Medical.

If you have devices and do not see your manufacturer listed above we may still be able to help!  We have programming software for all modern technology and will do our best to help overcome the difficulties you are experiencing.

3.       Hearing Aid Drop Off Service: Having a problem with your hearing aid? Don’t have time for an appointment?  Not to worry!  At Arizona Hearing and Balance we employee hearing aid technicians to handle these issues in a timely manner.  Three days a week a technician is in the office to help you with these issues.  Under guidance of a trained audiologist the technician can help figure out the problems you are experiencing and make appropriate recommendations.  You can find out “Hearing Aid Drop Off Form” online and complete before arriving to the office.  We do ask for 24 hours to return hearing aids to the patient.